Tourism in UgandaThe Government of Uganda in its Strategy Plan for Development, Uganda Vision 2040, has recognized the Tourism Sector as the mainstay of the transformation of the country from a predominantly peasant and low-income society to a modern, prosperous and competitive upper middle-income one. Besides, its contribution to the Gross National Product (GNP) in 2016 was 5,2% and it encompasses 14,6% of total employment. However, the challenges that the Ugandan Tourism Sector is facing right now are:

  • Inadequacy of quality standards
  • Climate change devastating consequences on Ugandan natural resources
  • Poorly planned facilities
  • Inadequate skilled human resources to manage the sector
  • The Government budget to Tourism Sector is still low and opportunities for interaction with the private sector are scarce
  • Limited understanding of Tourism sector by financial institutions
  • Insufficient destination marketing and promotion

The aim of ‘Greening the Tourism Sector in Uganda’ project is to overcome those challenges.