‘GREENING THE TOURISM SECTOR IN UGANDA’ project involves three partners:


GAIKER is a private and non profit organisation devoted to research and offering innovative technological solutions for cooperations. Member of Basque Research &Technology Alliance (BRTA), since its inception in 1985, GAIKER has carried out around 1.800 Research and Development Projects related to its Areas of Knowledge – Biotechnology, Environment, Recycling and Plastics & Composites. Additionally, GAIKER provides Advanced Technological Services, Lab Testing and Technological Dissemination Services.

The Uganda Tourism Associations (UTA), located in Kampala, is the umbrella association that brings together all tourism associations in Uganda: AUTO, USAGA, TUGATA, UHOA, UCOTA, NACCAU and AUWOTT. These associations altogether represent tour operators, travel agents, accommodation facilities, tour guides and community based organizations. UTA has the capacity to successfully coordinate and liaise with the government, local authorities and other commercial sectors to ensure effective lobbying and advocacy for tourism development. Moreover, UTA provides training and other capacity building initiatives to various stakeholders in the tourism industry, taking a value chain approach, and delivers research to the government and other appropriate authorities on industry wide major issues.

Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA), located in Kampala, is the official umbrella body that brings together and advocates for the interests of community tourism groups in Uganda to ensure that the local tourist host communities benefit from tourism as well as developing and promoting Sustainable Tourism to support conservation in Uganda.

The main activities UCOTA develops are at grass-root level, and consist on (i) maintaining a Sustainable Tourism Platform; (ii) increasing Uganda’s Sustainable Tourism visibility in international and regional tourism markets; (iii) expanding private sector collaboration with local community; and (iv) training MSMEs on business skills, ecology, ethnicity, product development, operations, customer service, and marketing.